Balancing professional life without compromising on domestic chores- is it possible?

Balancing professional life without compromising on domestic chores- is it possible?

How easy is it for a working woman in Australia, or in any part of the world, to balance the professional and domestic life and be a top performer at a company without compromising on the household chores? Every individual is given just twenty-four hours per day. A working woman is not a superhuman with an additional hour in her kitty to perform the gigantic number of tasks single-handedly. However, if one considers the support from peer, and family, this is definitely achievable.

Domestic tasks are not stamped for being handled only by feminine hands. Using steam mops, handheld vacuums, lawn mowers, and also cleaning kitchen sinks - all can be very well handled by gender other than the fairer sex. Equal contribution from the male counterparts not just empower women enabling her to perform tasks of her interest, it also humbles the male society that considers them of dominant category. Today is a time of equal opportunity and equal responsibility. If women today are capable of changing wheels of a four-wheeler, fix a hot water system, and using a weber bbq on the outdoors, men today can very well use george foreman grill, a food dehydrator, and a rice cooker to cook a healthy dish.

The concern here is not about categorizing chores and tasks as per the gender; it is about being responsible and compassionate about the other's priorities and interests. A family thrives on equal distribution of duties and responsibilities, without an assumption of superiority only on the basis of gender or role. Women today have equal passion and zeal to succeed at a profession, and for her to achieve that, it is important to realize that household chores and cooking are not only on her shoulders.

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